Sullivan competes in Strong Man Competitions

Caribou's Andrew Sullivan recently competed at the US National Strongest Man competition. Sullivan who has been involved in Strongest man events says the National event was a grind.

Andrew Sullivan:" It was grueling I believe it was 104 degrees. The competition itself took over 10 hours. It was a very long day. Dead-lift was over 800 pounds. One arm press of a dumbbell was 270 pounds. It was a grueling event but a fantastic show."

Sullivan started an arm wrestler and then made the move to strong man competitions.

Sullivan:" I always enjoyed arm wrestling. I found I was pretty good at it, but it involved a lot of pain in your arms. Just training for it and going to competitions. I found strong man I could be stronger overall with less injuries."

Ronni Bossie has been Sullivan's coach and is impressed with his love for the sport

(Ronni Bossie):" He is interested in strength sports and getting stronger. I said everybody says that.I met him he had a big interest in it and already fairly strong. He just continued to progress and progress and just say what is next.

(Perth Andover 2016) It has been quite a progression for Sullivan competing in one of his first Scottish Heavyweight games back in 2016 to now winning his weight class at the State Strongest Man Competition

Sullivan:" The Highland Games taught me how to be more explosive. What I was going was more static strength lifting something off the ground or what have you."

Bossie:" You have to pick up weights that most people can not and move with them. An 800 or 900 pound yolk. Take a big 900 pound tractor tire and lift it. Some of the traditional lifts the dead lift the squat. These are at maximum loads that most people would never be able to budge off the ground."

Bossie says the training is very regimented

Bossie:" Typically a 16 or 20 week block and we will plan out so he peaks on the competition day."

Sullivan continues to train for upcoming competitions and after a fifth place finish in his weight class at the Nationals he is setting his sights even higher for down the road.

Sullivan:"Hopefully either an Arnold or a qualifier for World's Strongest Man."