Summer Track program underway in Caribou

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 6:06 PM EDT
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Some summer programs are now underway at Recreation Departments around the County. This year is very different than any year in the past. No games between recreation departments and a lot of skills and drills and some new programs offered by various departments.

(Neal Sleeper):" The two weeks before our programs were supposed to start we had to go back to the drawing board and try to revamp everything that we had been doing for years. It actually was kind of exciting no one likes change, but the reality was when it was done and we looked at it on paper we were all super excited and the response to our programs has been outstanding."

One of the traditional sports offered is track and field, but this year even that was effected.

(Matt Bouchard):" The track program was supposed to be a spring program and those who registered early we had a delay and we called and asked them if they wanted to do a summer program and most of them said yes. They said they would like to participate and that is why we put this in the summer."

For many of the youngsters running is one of their favorite sports and they are very happy to be on the track with their friends.

(Emma Graves):" I am really excited because I love running it is one of my favorite things. I like doing exercise and running."

(Pierce Gornealt):" I like running and this is my second year. I did two more sports baseball and tennis."

Caribou is running several different sessions in all their sports to ensure social distancing.

Bouchard:" We have 24 kids in each sessions and we have two sessions. The third session is older kids. We are keeping them spaced out over six feet apart when they are running there are going to be lanes between them."

Several Recreation Departments are doing what they can to give youngsters a chance to be active and get them off the couch and outside.

Sleeper:" Winter is long enough as it is around here and you COVID-19 to the mix and you take out of social interaction it is just makes living here that much more difficult . Bringing people together and getting outdoors and doing it responsibly through social distancing. Working with Caribou High School they see the value of getting these kids going. It has been a great situation. It's something everyone needs you need exercise and you need to be outdoors."