SuperTour returns to the Nordic Heritage Center for the first time in 15 years

It's amazing to have such a cool event right in our back yard.

Brady Miller is a sophomore at Caribou. He skis for the Vikings and is looking forward to seeing the US team compete.

"I'm hoping to learn some stuff from the members of the team. It's a great opportunity to have a race with the US Ski Team in Presque Isle," Brady said.

For the US ski team, their official season ended last week in Quebec City. Presque Isle is the last stop of the season, a sort of Nordic all-star meet where the skiers race for their training clubs.

"Really fun to end the season here, we of course, I haven't been home since November 13th so it's always hard to add one more week onto the schedule but my favorite part about it is that we get to race with our country you know, we're representing the United state over there and here we get to represent the club that we train with all summer and we get to see all the young kids coming up, it's just an exciting way to finish like a little bit of a celebration on top of the season," Sadie Bjornsen, U.S. Ski Team Member, said.

Sadie Bjornsen hails from Anchorage, Alaska, no stranger to the snow obviously, but funny enough, she's no stranger to the county either.

"I actually came to a camp here when I was about 15 or 16 years old and I roller skied around a track here but to be completely honest that's the only thing I remember is roller skiing around this track so I'm here 20 years or 10 years later rather and uh it's kind of fun to remember my younger years," Bjornsen said.

For another skier on the US team, the Nordic Heritage Center isn't just the last stop on tour, it's the last stop in her career after 9 seasons with the team.

"I'm really grateful to have been for a part of it for that long, so yeah a little bittersweet to leave but I know that I'll always be part of it and I'll always be out here skiing and I'm ready to be done racing so I'm actually looking forward to being on the other side of the fence," Ida Sargent, U.S. Ski member, said.

One more race left, and like Bjornsen, this isn't her first rodeo at the Heritage Center either.

"Not since I was a junior, I think in high school I came here from some Eastern Cups and SuperTours, but I haven't been back since but it's really fun, the trails here are awesome, they're so fun to ski, the downhills ski really well, there's a lot of banked curves and it's nice to not be too far from home either," Sargent said.

Home is Vermont for Sargent. A career that started in new england, ends in new england.

"Grew up sking in new england with the NENSA program and now I'm back back finishing my career here to come full circle and I'm just really grateful for all the opportunities for the teammates I've had along the way and the coaches and all of the support and it's been a blast," Sargent said.

Come out and support Ida, Sadie, Brady and all of the other local and national nordic skiers in one of the cooler events the County has to offer this weekend at the Heritage Center. Scheduling information is posted on our website at WAGM-TV-DOT-COM.