Talking baseball with Evan Drellich of the Athletic (pt.2)

(Daveson Perez): "Fans are besides themselves currently. Can't understand why baseball isn't here and I've read that there are maybe talks from some owners about not even having a season at all. They've already lost a ton of money and they figure let's cut our losses not have a season and figure it out. What are some of the long term affects that that would have on baseball?

(Evan Drellich): "It would be devastating financially and emotionally if there were no baseball season in the middle of the pandemic if the reason you couldn't get the sport on the field was because of money. Free agency would be hurt going forward. You would have really massive trickle down affects and everybody seems to understand that. You're right there are some owners who have deferring view points. 30 teams. Every owner is in a different financial situation. But at the end of the day everybody is more or less aligned. The sport is better off if they can get on the field which is why I think they will eventually be able to get on the field."

(Daveson Perez): "How optimistic are you about the start of the season?"

(Evan Drellich): "It seems so inconeivable to me that they wouldnt be able to work this out. The question is what is the route to get there. Do the players have to take a paycut or the owners walk away? Would deferals not just if a canceled postseason happens but from the get go, would that work?That's to be determined . They're running out of time though because if they want to start the regular season in July they have basically 3 weeks for a 2nd spring training. You can't have this drag out much longer into June because they don't want to be playing playoff baseball in December.

(Daveson Perez): "Before I let you go. Surrounding Free agency. What do you think about players going into free agency, say a Mookie Betts. Would there be a situation where a player would want to sit out this season and go into free agency with their 2019 resume?

(Evan Drellich): "It's possible I think if we see players sit out the reason we'd be seeing them sitout is because of health reasons rather than future money concerns. there is a down side too if you sitout if you're a Mookie Betts. Teams would ask did he sit out because he is concerned about his health or the health of a loved one or did he sit out because he's worried about his career? I don't think it's the latter it's going to help Mookies long term career affects there. So it's possible the union put in place in the proposal sent over, allowance for guys to sit out so that's going to be something the union is going to fight for I just don't think a guy is going to do it for career purposes.">