Talking baseball with Evan Drellich of the Athletic (pt.1)

(Daveson Perez): "Joined now by Evan Drellich, good friend of mine. He's a national writer at the Athletic focusing on more of the business side of sports but he has broken a number of stories in baseball namely the Houston Astros cheating scandal from 2017 and all of the subsequent events which have taken place like the Red Sox and so Evan thanks for joining me."

(Evan Drellich): "Daveson it's good to hear your voice. Thanks for having me."

(Daveson Perez): "A lot of stuff going on now a days with COVID-19 eradicating all sports basically. Baseball is taking a hit. It feels like baseball is falling behind some of the other major sports like the NBA like the NHL who are moving towards starting their seasons. However baseball seems to be falling behind a bit. Why is that? Why the hold up?"

(Evan Drellich): "The basic argument between the league and the players union unsurprisingly is about money. Those other leagues, the NBA, the NHL and the NFL are all salary cap systems and that means there is revenue sharing in place. They know every year what percentage of revenue the players are going to get and what percentage the owners are going to get.In baseball that isn't the case, they get a set amount. So now with fans not being allowed in baseball stadiums. They are trying to figure out what is the appropriate amount to pay players. The owners are saying one thing and the players are saying another."

(Daveson Perez): "What are the players asking for in their proposal?"

(Evan Drellich): "They haven't given any ground on player pay cuts. What they did offer was the potential of money deferral if the post season is cancelled. There is a lot of money wrapped up in the playing of the postseason and what if you restart the season and don't get to the playoffs? Well that's a lot of money that will be left on the table and yet the player salary would be determined ahead of time. So to try to prevent essentially the owners holding the bag in the event of a cancelled postseason the players are offering to defer some money if that ends up happening. But, the feeling is that's probably not going to be enough if that the owners still want an actual pay cut."

Tune in for part 2 of my interview tonight at 10 as Evan and I talk about the possibility of not having a season at all and what that would mean for future of the sport.