Tammy Landeen Para Bobsled update

Pictures Courtesy Girts Kehris IBSF
Tammy Landeen is back in the County for a few weeks before returning to the Para Bobsled World Cup circuit in January. Landeen had never driven a bob sled before attending a qualifying event at Lake Placid in November. Since that time she has competed in two World Cup events and has experienced a lot.

Landeen:" I have developed a lot of confidence in myself that is probably the biggest thing. I learned how to take a crash and learned that is not as terrible as I thought it was. It took that fear out of it. I really just learned how to pilot how to control the steers and manipulate the sled at higher speeds."
The Caribou resident is pleased with her accomplishments and is seeing a big improvement

Landeen:" My last race I came in 13 out of 24. I think that is big accomplishment to say you are in the top 15."

She will be leaving for Europe again in a couple of weeks and will also compete at Lake Placid later this year. The cost of competing on the World Cup Tour is expensive and there is very little money available from the National team so she is still looking for more funding.

Landeen:" Just shy of about 7 thousand dollars would help me finish the season. Everybody has come together and has been very generous. I do need more to finish out the season."

Landeen says that during early training they were using different starting points which meant there wasn't as much speed. Now they are leaving from the top of the run

Landeen:"Your speed drastically change and the corners change, but I believe my top speed was around 70 miles an hour in Lillehammer. They tell you when you are training to look for a dot on the wall or look for this word. Sometimes you go through a corner or straight away so fast you say wait was that the dot I was looking for. You really have to study the tracks and know what you are supposed to do way before it happens. If you are thinking about turn 11 and you are in turn 11 then you have missed it and it is over."

Landeen says everyone on the US Para bobsled team is a veteran that gives them all a strong bond. This is the first year that she has competed in this sport and she said it is an adrenaline rush.

Landeen:"It's a lot more mentally and physically demanding than I thought it was gong to be. The rush is absolutely incredible."