The County Takes on the Big E

The Big E in Springfield is one of the biggest events in New England and one of the premier events for horse showing. Every year, Maine chooses a team of riders to go down and represent the Pine Tree State. Last year, only Izabelle Higgins went down to the Big E from the County, but she'll have some more company this time around.

"It's a lot better than last year having people that I know because last year I was just kind of winging it," Higgins said.

She spent the last year convincing some of her friends to give it a shot. Now there are five County kids making the trip down to Springfield

"She prompted me to go," Mapleton native Alison Sweetser said. "When she was going I didn't believe I would ever want to and then this year I really looked forward to tryouts."

Sweetser didn't make the Maine team, but she got a call from 4-H and she's going to down to work with veterinarians at the fair. Mallory Williams, Bailey Moreau and Anna Robinson are joining Higgins on Team Maine.

"It's a lot of preparation, there's a lot that you need to do and think about and have your stuff together before you go," Moreau said. "I think it's pretty cool because there's like 5 of us going and representing the county."

The crew is making their way down to Springfield as the competitions start on Thursday. They've been leaning on Izzy for advice.

"I've asked Izzy so many questions just trying to be prepared just mostly oh my gosh what do I bring, what do i not bring," Williams said.

Anna is down in college at the University of Maine at Orono, the other girls have been training with Taylor-Jo Quint in Hodgdon.

"They are representing the County well, they are not only showing that they're willing to do it but they're talented and they're driven," Quint said. "I think they stand for 4-H is so we should be proud to have them represent Maine."

Moreau and Robinson are showing Western while Higgins and Williams are showing English. The competitions take place Thursday through Saturday.