Three teams will play for Regional baseball titles.

The three teams are riding high after making it to the Championship game. The CAHS Panthers are the only team of the three to win a regional championship. They won back in 2010.
Hodgdon has never been to the Championship and the Fort Kent Warriors last time was about 70 years ago.

(Tracey Hart):" We are pretty excited. The last time we made it there was from what I am hearing in town was 1949 that is one thing that is pretty exciting."

(Seth Dorr):" To the best of my knowledge Hodgdon High School has ever made it.

(Mitchell Ross):"Just never believed they were out of that game. They came back and scored five runs in the last inning to get there and then afterwards to say guys we are going to Bangor. They were elated."

All three teams have had great runs this season.Fort Kent has won 17 of 18 games, CAHS is 12-4 and Hodgdon is 13-3 heading into the Championships games. All three coaches feel their teams are ready for the next challenge

Dorr:" Try to limit our errors the best that we can. When we do make mistakes just looking forward to the next play and try to make up to that. The boys do a great job of keeping their heads and try to play good baseball."

Ross:" They have shown the ability to come back perseverance and not let down. We have had four walk off wins this year. Two in the eighth inning. They just never believe they are out of a ballgame."

Hart:"They are loose and riding on a high after two exciting wins."

One more win and the Warriors, Hawks and Panthers will play for a State title.

Dorr:" Have fun this is something we have not been able to do and I want them to have memories for the rest of their lives because not every teams gets an opportunity to do so."

Ross:" Leave it all on the field. Never walk away from a game feeling you could have played harder or better. If you do that you are successful."

Hart:" We are excited about going down there. One thing about the motto of Fort Kent is the little town that could and we are going to try. >

Here is the schedule for the next two days.
CAHS and Hodgdon play Tuesday at 6:30 at the Manfield Complex
and Orono and Fort Kent will play on Wednesday at 6:30pm at Mansfield.

The winners will advance to the States on Saturday.