Tight Knit Warriors

Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 6:02 PM EST
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The Fort Kent girls basketball team is looking to improve on their 2018 finish where they lost in the quarterfinals to Dexter. They're leaning on a tight knit group of upperclassmen to get the job done.

"We work really good together, we talk, our defense is amazing," Senior Mikayla Pelletier said.

"Playing on this team with these girls that I've played with all four years, it's kind like amazing for me," Senior Hannah Daigle adds.

Their coach says it's been a pleasure watching them grow as a team this year

"Great bunch of girls, we teach life skills in the program and these girls are from good families," Head Coach Kelly O'Leary said. "They have good values, they're just great girls, I'm having a great time coaching them."

The Warriors are currently in the playoffs, but they are close to the cutoff line. Every game down the stretch is important.

"We're going to have to pull together and keep playing our 1-3-1, the way we usually play and get some more offense in against man teams and gonna push our hardest," Daigle said.

And that's the expectation when you put on the Fort Kent green and black.

"This program has some high expectations," O'Leary said. "We always want to go to Bangor that's what everybody in Aroostook County wants to do is to get down to the Bangor Auditorium and I think we can get there."

Get to Bangor, that's the goal, but they've got some business to take care of first.

"One of goals this year is to host a prelim make it to Bangor, so we're hoping that we can do it and I think we can," junior Desiree Hafford said.

Some of these girls are no stranger to postseason success, the girls soccer team won a gold ball this past fall and they want that back to back.

"That would be pretty cool because we won the state championship in soccer," Daigle said. "So as far as we can go with basketball is going to be pretty awesome."