Tournament scoreboard late edition 2/19

Published: Feb. 19, 2020 at 8:06 PM EST
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And of course it's another busy day at the Cross Insurance Center first game of the morning had Fort Fairfield and Central Aroostook playing. And it was the third meeting of the year between the Tigers and Panthers and everyone thought this would be a good game and it was. The two towns are very familiar with each other and it showed on the court. Central Aroostook jumped out to the lead in this one. They were able to hit a couple threes by Whitney Grass and also able to get the ball inside to Brianne Bradbury. On the other end of the court, the Fort Fairfield Tigers also trying to hit some threes. Camryn Ala hit a couple of big threes and that one for the Fort Fairfield Tigers. This game stayed close throughout. Central Aroostook built up an eight point lead in the third quarter of play but the Fort Tigers, showing that they can come back, they came back on a couple different occasions, cutting the lead down to ThREE. Brenna Levasseur hit a big three late in the game but then on the other end of the court Macy Beals was able to extend the lead and then Libby Grass hit some key foul shots down the stretch and the central Aroostook Panthers registered the 45-41 win and they advance to the semifinals

Breann Bradbury: "Umm Just to calm down and not worry about it and just play our game and the shots will fall. And it did"

Maci Beals: "Pretty good. We got past the first round We got knocked out last year but it feels pretty good"

Coach Dillon Kingsbury: "Yes we fought, we clawed and you know the old saying, you know, survive and advance and that's exactly what we did. We survived and advanced. That's a tough Fort Fairfield team. They made the big shots, umm we got on a run and they countered and we stated with it and stayed with it and grinded and like I said survive and advance at the end of the day

And the second game of the session was a buzzer-beater. For Dexter, Peyton Grant hit the shot at the buzzer as Dexter wins by three and they advance to the semifinals where they'll take on Fort Fairfield.

And the first game of the afternoon session had one of the perenial powers of class c george stevens academy taking on the fort fairfield tigers...This was a close game at the half. stevens was up by a score of 26-18 but then in the second half they put on the full court press and clamped down and they were able to register the 67-39 win over fort fairfield tigers. Caiden Mattson led them in scoring and george stevens academy has another appearance in the semifinals and that will be on friday evening.

Then the Central Aroostook Panthers, the No. 1 Seed, took on Stearns Minutemen out of Millinocket. Stearns looked good in the first quarter of this game but then the Central Aroostook Panthers turned it on in the second thanks in part to some great three-point shooting and also the scoring in transition and the Central Aroostook Panthers built up the lead at the end of two quarters of play and they were able to go on and register the win and advance to the next round to take on Stevens

Panthers went on a 21 to nothing run in the second quarter and that was the turning point of the game Brayden Bradbury and Josh Thomas were leading scorers and of course that sets up a matchup now with George Stevens

Josh Thomas, Panther junior: We started pressing and got a lot of steals and a took the lead

Brayden Bradbury, Panther Senior: You know we tightened up our defense and coach called a timeout to talk to us and corralled us in and you know the way we talked hard defense and the way we pressured the ball it allowed us to get breaks in the half court set when we slowed it down our guys were getting good in rhythm shots is really what got us going

Jason Woodworth, CAHS Coach: We started putting a little more pressure on the ball in the first quarter. We just kind of wanted to get our feet underneath us and see what they were going to do and see how they were going to react. And we had that in our back pocket and we came out and we really turned up the intensity on defense and that was definitely the momentum changer.

and the first game of the night session had the high scoring calais blue devils a team that many expect to win this tournament...they've scored over 100 points several times this year...They were taking on pvhs...calais opened up the lead at the half and they were able to pull away in the 2nd half and the blue devils advance to the next round...

second game of the night was the 3rd meeting of the year between the central and stearns...stearns won both regular season games against the red devils...the number 1 seed jumped out to a 12 point lead in the first quarter...central cut it a little bit in the 2nd quarter of play but then in the 2nd half stearns pulled away and they register the win and that sets up a meeting with Calais.