Twins join 1000 point club

Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 10:12 PM EST
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1000 points in a High School career is quite an accomplishment. When two players from the same family do it in the same year it is even more rare and when the players are twins that makes the odds of it happening even greater. Brayden and Breann Bradbury are both celebrating joining the club.

Breann Bradbury:"This is huge we have always wanted to be a part of this club since we were really young. It has been a huge accomplishment for both of us."

Brayden Bradbury:" We put so much time in the door yeard beating on each other and playing one on one."

The twins are very competitive. You will find out about that tonight on Sports Extra at 11.

Breann Bradbury:" We have always been competitive in sports and academics.

Brayden:" We still stay pretty competitive. I make sure I outwork her."

Brayden scored the 1000th point of his career last month and that put some pressure on his sister

Breann said that Brayden did give her a hard time after he scored his 1000th point.

Breann:"I knew he did it and I wanted it bad so I worked really hard. It was awesome."

Breann:" He did a little bit. He encouraged me also telling me to keep working hard and you will get it. Just keep working hard."

Brayden:" When we get older and reunite it is going to be nice for me to look at her and you may have scored it, but I scored it first."

Like most twins Breann and Brayden are very close. They had most of the same classes during their 13 years in school and next fall will be the first time that they will attend different Colleges. Brayden is planning on attending the University of Maine to study engineering and Breann is going to UMFK for nursing.

Breann:"I don't know how i am going to make it in college without her, but I am going to try."

Brayden:"It is going to so different. It is going to be a huge change, but I think we are going to be ok. We will still be in contact a lot, but it will be different."

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