Two youngsters prepare for Pitch Hit and Run at Fenway

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Two County youngsters are on their way to Fenway Park and the Regional Pitch Hit and Run Championship. Isaac Bealieu of Madawaska and Josh Thomas of Mars HIll will be competing. Beaulieu is in the 9 10 group and Thomas is in the 13-14 age division. Thomas is the second member of his family to compete at Fenway his brother Ben competed two years ago.

(Joshua Thomas):"It gives me a head start. I am just excited I am excited."

Thomas likes all sports and has not had much time to train because he has been at a basketball camp this week. He says his strongest event is from the mound

Thomas:"Probably pitching because i am accurate."

Thomas says he is looking forward to taking the field at Fenway and he would love to meet his favorite player.

Thomas:" Pedroia because he is fun to watch."

Meanwhile Isaac Beaulieu of Madawaska is pumped about being invited to the event

(Isaac Beaulieu):" When my mom got the e mail I was like oy my gosh. I couldn't really believe it. I thought I got pranked. I am like super excited. I want to feel the dirt the Fenway dirt."

Beaulieu says his three favorite players are Chris Sale, Craig Kimbrel and Xander Bogaerts. His dream is to a major league player. He loves playing almost every position.

Beaulieu:" I play all the positions, but my favorite ones are all of the infield pitcher and catcher."

According to Recreation Director Dean Gendreau Beaulieu is the first Madawaska youngster to advance and compete at Fenway in 30 years.Beaulieu excitement for the trip is very evident.

Beaulieu:"The people that gave the e mail to me they think it is no big deal because they do that every year. To me it was like oh my gosh. They just do it every year it is nothing but to me that was like holy cow I am going to Fenway."