UMFK Women win another National Championship

The University of Maine Fort Kent women's soccer team is celebrating another USCAA National Championship and because of the early season adversity this one is very special.

(Dakota Martin):" I don't think the feeling could be more incredible. I won National Championship before, but it never felt like this. We went from losing games in the beginning of the season to not knowing to winning the Championship."

(Ruth-Ann Lorman):" I am lost for words to be completely honest. From being the that no one expected to win to winning the championship. It is an amazing feeling."

(Cameika Davis):" I feel that we wanted it a lot more this year we didn't want to take home a second place trophy again."

(Hope Shea):" It's something I always looked forward to doing. Not coming home with the gold last year was hard to do but this year getting the gold was a dream come true."

It's been a long journey for the Bengals from not having a coach a week before practice to not having enough girls on the team when exhibition season started to the team enjoying another title.

(Tolu Oyeniyi):" To be honest I feel we left things up to chance because nothing was certain.We didn't have enough players players were injured, we just got a new coach. It seemed uncertain but with the uncertainty you have to have faith and trust the process."

You look around the Bengals gym and you see all of the past success. National Championship dating back to 2010 displayed in the Jungle. This team had to focus to claim this one. After the previous coach left Alex Smith came on campus just before the start of the regular season

(Alex Smith):" When I saw the team i saw passion and I saw hunger. That is something you can't teach. All I had to do was put some pieces together."

(Searra Herbert):" Coach Alex played a major role. We couldn't have done it without him. Going from playing with nine players on the field and not having a coach was stressful. We were really nervous and we couldn't have done it without him."

The turning point for the team might have been a long road trip early in the season that gave the players a chance to bond and learn about each other

(Yuliana Sanchez):" It was really nice because we had a team talent show. Getting to room with different girls each time so that you are not just stuck with the same person. You are getting to meet someone new and learn about them. It was great."

The road was a long one, but the journey was a success

Smith:" It was an adventurous journey. The ladies had a lot of fun and for me that is something that really matters. Having fun and having memories that can last a lifetime.