UMFK adds another sport: Track and Field added to roster

The University of Maine Fort Kent has added track and field to the roster of sports on campus. Matt Dyer has been named the new coach and he is now on campus looking forward to the start of the inaugural season
Matt Dyer:" Getting some more track and field athletes into the Institution. Excited about the opportunity for a qualify affordable education and a great new team and great new athletic experience for our students."

The University of Maine Presque Isle started a track and field program last year and they had some success as they traveled around New England. Dyer says he envisions the Bengals to compete in both indoor and outdoor meets

Dyer:" It will provide travel opportunities for our team. We will go down to Massachusetts a couple of times. We will have some indoor meets in the area as well. We plan on competing at UM Orono also looking into a potential meet up in Canada during the indoor season. It is a nice opportunity for our athletes to go and explore some different states and broaden their horizon."

UMFK teams have had a lot of success in all sports. USCAA Nationals Championships in Soccer and the basketball and volleyball teams have made the final four. the Track and field team did have one meet two years ago and had a top 5 showing at the Nationals. Dyer says they should have a relatively large team for the first year and it will continue to grow in the future.

Dyer:" The first year it looks like around 30. Richardo Whitley a former soccer player here who works in our department did some recruiting before I got here. We have a couple handful of athletes coming in specifically for track and we have some soccer players who are going to join us. Around 30 athletes this year, but next year when we have that full recruiting class we are going to blow it up and be bigger. We will have in the 50 athlete area."

Several High Schools in the area have competitive track and field programs. A number of individuals continued competing in college and had quite a bit of success. Dyer's goal is to have a blend of athletes from all over compete for the Bengals

Dyer:" It is going to be a mix of local athletes as well as other States and International athletes. In State tuition being lower. It is an opportunity for Maine athletes to come here. We are looking to do both, but with a strong focus on Maine athletes