UMFK volleyball team wants to add to successful season

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAGM) - (Jessany Munoz):"I think that losing the games we did in the first round last year was tough, and I think we learned to push through and work hard and be more prepared."

Senior Justine McCorkle is at the Nationals for the third straight year. She said that you need to work hard to get to this point

(Justine McCorkle):"It's hard you have to work a lot harder than during the season and if you really want it you need to bust your butt."
Senior Skye Parker is in her second year at UMFK after playing two years at a Junior College. The Bengals brought in several new players this year and Parker says the team did a great job of coming together."

(Skye Parker):"I really think so we gelled a lot during the season. We took a couple of hits and we are back better than ever."

Tate Dolley of Machias is playing at the college level for the first time. She says that transitioning from the High School to College was a big adjustment.

(Tate Dolley):"We never set with numbers in High School so when I came here I had no clue what any of the sets were or anything. It is just a high level of play. The hits are harder the serves are better and the sets are higher."

This year in pool play matches are best of three and not best of five. Munoz says that have a strong start will be important

Munoz:"It really depends on the team. Some teams thrive on short quick games. Other teams rely on long rallies. I think for us if we go off strong and win two right off the bat it should be no problem."

Parker:" It is important to win and get that momentum and go from there and hopefully we come home with a championship."