UMPI Softball ready for green grass and dirt

The University of Maine Presque Isle softball team will be leaving for Myrtle Beach South Carolina tomorrow. The Owls are looking forward to seeing green grass and blue skies
(Sara Shaw):" We are very excited to start playing softball and get out on the field and see what else we need to work on before we come back from warm weather and back into the gym."

The players say they are prepared they have been working hard on the fundamentals.

(Delanie Strout):" We focus a lot on the little things. We realize we don't have the opportunity to get out on the dirt. The ball moves the same in the gym as it does outside. We focus on the little things."

(Brookelynn Garcia):" Fundamentals playing the little stuff. Basically focusing on the little stuff and doing what needs to get done."

The Owls have brought in players from several different states. Brookelynn Garcia tries to remember how many states are represented.

Garcia:" We have two from California, some from Idaho, Virginia, Maine, Nebraska, I might be missing a few. Georgia, Georgia Florida. I have to look at them Arizona, We are from everywhere."

Brookelynn missed a couple of states they also have players from New York, Texas, and Oregon. There is a big benefit to the spring trip this year. They are playing in one place and not jumping from city to city

Shaw:" We stay in one place we for sure play 8 games and hope to play ten. It is really helpful in letting the girls rest. Before we would play a double header and get on a bus travel a couple of hours get in really late wake up and travel again it allows them to rest."

UMPI is still very young they lost just two players to graduation last year and the majority of the roster are members of the sophomore class. The Owls will begin play in the North Atlantic Conference this season The Owls were ranked third in the preseason poll

Shaw:" I think it is nice to know that people think of us as being competitive in our conference based on our ranking. I think on any given day you look at those teams and you have to respect them because on any given day they can beat us and on any given day we can beat them. We have split a lot in the past with NAC teams so I think it just shows we are competitive."