UMPI Women's Soccer: Fresh Start

PRESQUE ISLE, Me. (WAGM) - "I just, I wanted to kind of lift their spirits a little bit," New coach Keli Marston said. "Everything was kind of down, just to kind of lift them up, just lift morale a lift bit."

As the new head coach, Marston is trying to make the most of the unique situation.

"It's really been fun, it's taking me back a little bit to my college days but it's been fun they're a good group of girls." Marston said.

At the start of the year, the numbers for the Owls were almost at an all-time low and the new enthusiasm has brought in some more players.

"We've had four already just kind of join in, so that's been kind of fun." Marston said.

Keli's husband Aaron is the other piece of the coaching duo and he's trying put more pep in the team's step.

"We want to build some excitement," Aaron Marston said. "I want to get the girls, excited about playing college soccer and I also want them to understand the commitment that it takes to be a college athlete."

Seniors Mikayla Churchil and Jordi Legassie have enjoyed the attitude adjustment on the sidelines.

"They're great, they've encouraged all of us and they've made the transition really nice." Churchill said.

"It's been really good we've had some productive practices and new formations and just a new perspective so hopefully it'll help in the long run." Legassie said.

Now according to Keli, the change isn't forever for the Marstons, but they are determined to leave a rejuvenated team and perhaps a good crop of incoming talent.

We can do some recruiting, over the year to help out the new coach that steps in," Keli Marston said. "There are definitely a lot of great players to recruit here in the county, so those are our goals moving forward."

But for Churchill, the future is now and she wants to build on this fresh start.

"As a senior, I just want to work my hardest and make sure the girls have a great season and that they look forward to playing in future years." Churchill said.