UMPI and UMFK continue recruiting athletes

Published: Apr. 1, 2020 at 5:52 PM EDT
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Recruiting is a big part of success for any college team. Bringing athletes on campus and showing off your facilities is a part of trying to lure people to your school. Most schools are not allowing visitors onto campuses because of Covid-19, but coaches are still reaching out to athletes in a different way.

(Dan Kane):"We have gone a little bit with the route we have done with International students and out of state kids who can't come on campus for visits. We have done some Skype tours on campus and we are doing a lot of stuff over the phone through text messages trying to recruit and finish strong because we want to see them in an UMPI Owl uniform."

(Matt Dyer):" We are so used to at UMFK to recruiting from a distance that we do a lot of these things already, but we are just shifting to a different emphasis on video tours. Lots of our coaches will go around face timing and walk around our facilities and show them around that way."

Kane says that not being able to have students step onto campus and get the experience of spending time with other athletes makes it challenging.

Kane:" It is more challenging. We love to get kids on campus and we love to travel and go see them in person and do home visits and close the deal. Right now it has made it a little tougher."

Both Athletic Directors say that even with the challenges of the last month they feel their coaches have been successful

Dyer:" Lots of our fall sports go to do their recruiting travel at the end of their seasons. We went to California, to Montreal down to Rhode Island, Florida and the state of Maine. Our soccer coaches and volleyball coaches got to do a lot of that."

Kane:" Our recruiting has been really well. We had a great start to the year. A lot of our rosters are getting close to full, but everyone one of our coaches is trying to fill our rosters to compete in the North Atlantic Conference."

Dyer says that while their recruiting efforts have been successful some student athletes are holding off on making a decision.

Dyer:"Some people's decisions was put on hold as they are trying to sort through everything. For the most part I would say 80 90 percent of the Student Athletes are moving along with business as usual. They are trying to make their decisions and be prepared for the fall as we work our way through this situation in the Country and in the World."


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