UMPI to face UMF in semifinals Friday

Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 3:08 PM EST
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It's been quite a while since the UMPI Owls made it to a N-A-C semifinal game. The last time was in the late 1990's. LAST week they beat one rival...Thomas College...THIS week they will try to eliminate ANOTHER...University of Maine Farmington.

The Owls are playing some of their best basketball to date.

They lost 11 of their first 15 to START the year...but since then... they have taken off and have been SOARING winning 9 of their last 11.

For UMPI coach Dan Kane this coming matchup against UMF is personal. He played basketball there and was also an assistant coach for a number of years.

14 of the 17 players on UMF were RECRUITED by Dan in his final year coaching before coming to UMPI.

I spoke with Dan, Griffin Guerrette and TeVon Hines a little while ago and they are ready for the challenge of taking out another rival.

(Griffin guerrette): "Definitely we've been ready for this all year. We've been playing some tough competition california, connecticut getting ready for this so we're ready."

(Tevon hines): "yea we ready motivated. ready to take down another team. we aint do so good against them in the first half but we got em this half."

(Dan Kane): " We've had all week to prepare. We know them very well. We know everything their going to run. We know their players really well as well. So just everyday trying to put in a little bit each day to get ready for Friday. It's the 3rd time we're facing them we havent seen them for 76 days. We're a completely different team so we're excited to get going."