Undefeated Panthers on harvest break

There are still four undefeated soccer teams in the County. The defending State Champion Fort Kent warriors lead the way in Class C with a 6-0-2 record. The Warriors are the only undefeated girls team in this year. The Caribou boys are 8-0-1 and in fourth place in Class B. In Class D two teams are undefeated Hodgdon is in 5th spot with a 9 0 1 record and the CAHS Panthers are first with an 8 no losses and three ties. Over the next week and a half we will try not and jinx them, but we will catch up with the undefeated teams to get their thoughts on the year. We begin with the CAHS boys who are in the middle of harvest break. They have not played a game since September 27th and are off until October 16th .The Panthers are a veteran team with six seniors and six juniors on the squad.
Wallace Endy:" The harvest break is sometime a killer. It can stunt a team. We get to practice because we have lights so we are doing good."

The Panthers got out for the harvest break on September 20th and played two games the following week.

Endy:" They are committed and ready to play again. They are anxious to play again I think."

The coach says the commitment from the team members shows as they come from working the harvest right to practice

Endy:" One night last week the kids came and they even came with work boots, but they had cleats there to change. They went right straight from the field. We went until about 8:30 and it was good."

Endy says that conditioning this time of the season is different than August and early September

Endy:" This time of season too the air is cooler and you have to condition your lungs for this type of play. From here on in it is going to be cold and we are going to have to condition ourselves again basically."

The Panthers will play three games after the break as they prepare for the playoffs. They take on Ashland, Fort Fairfield and Fort Kent

Endy:" The last three games of the season are important, not only to win but also to get back into the swing of things so to speak."