Uphill Climb: 2019 Fort Kent Boys Soccer

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FORT KENT, Me. (WAGM) - The Fort Kent Warriors have made it to the Class C state final two years in a row and two years in a row they came back up to the valley empty handed. They graduated a very talented senior class and are relying on some young up and comers to get back to the Class C state championship and this time, bring home the gold.

"Its going to be a lot different, I mean, we got a great group of young guys coming up that are really energetic," lone senior Eden Paradis said. "They're willing to work hard, so I think it's going to be a good year."

The seniors may be gone, but their lessons remain.

"Having them around was a great environment taught me a lot of what I know," sophomore Evan Deschane said. "I'm going to try to live up to what they know I can be."

Although losing in the title game isn't fun. The loss did teach the young Warriors some valuable lessons.

"Don't put your head down, I feel like we put our heads down too early," Deschane said. "The game wasn't over and I think if we would have stayed positive we really could have taken that title."

The young Warriors do have an advantage over other teams. The UMFK men's team, one of the best programs in the USCAA, is constantly involved with the Warriors.

"Those guys are great to have, they come to our practices, they each have their own ideas to share," Junior Noah Martin said. "They've been in the game so long and they've played around the world so they're a big help to our team."

Even with the help of the UMFK players, with so many graduating seniors, the Warriors know they aren't the favorites to get back to the state championship and that's a big motivator. But the message the lone senior has is simple.

"Work together, that's all we have to really do is work hard, we're the underdogs really this season," Paradis said. "Everybody thinks that we're not going to be too good, we have to prove them wrong."