Van Buren girls worked hard all season long

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 10:03 AM EST
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The Van Buren girls basketball team might be struggling on the court, but they are still keeping a positive attitude and are enjoying the sport of basketball

(Griffin Clifford):" I am very proud of them. I have never heard of a group of teenagers who have handled a one win season they way they have. They show up every day with smiles on their faces ready to go. We take a hard loss and maybe the locker room is rough after the game, but the next day they come back like it never happened."

(Brooke Caron):"It's not where we want it to be,but we are working really hard and working together.

(Abbie Cormier):" It's rough losing all the time, but we have such an amazing team and amazing coach that takes a lot of pressure off. "

The Crusaders have just two seniors on the team. The players and coach all agree they are very loose heading into their games.

Cormier:" We just joke around in the locker room listen to music and have a good time."

Caron:" We are always smiling and listen to music and we always have a good time."

This is Clifford's first year coaching the team. He says the thing that he is most proud of is their work ethic

Clifford:" At the beginning of the season we had a tournament in Washburn and we had three games. I gave them the weekend off because they were tired and when they came back they asked not to have another weekend off the rest of the year."

Clifford says that he has seen big improvements in the team this year and that he is looking forward to the future with the returning group.

Clifford:" We have a ways to go and they know it, but they are here every day putting the work in. A lot of it will come off season.

Caron:" Hopefully next season we can get more wins, but honestly I like our team right now we are working really well together.

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