Vandalism at Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club

An act of vandalism does damage to the Covered Bridge Golf and Country Club on Saturday morning. Someone drove a motorized vehicle onto the sixth green damaging the green and some of the fairway.

Wade Lapage):" All of the members are upset and angry that someone would do this to the course after the year we had. The course was in great shape and everyone is disappointed with the damage."

(Matt Harris):" I got the call about 4:25 from the guy who comes in and mows greens on the weekend.
Surveillance cameras show this vehicle driving toward the green at 1:14 Atlantic Time. Harris and his crew went right to work Saturday morning trying to repair the damage

Harris:" This part of the green will probably be unplayable for the rest of the season. We are going to have to rope it off. We will have a lot of green over there thankfully we have big greens. We will be working to smooth it out and some of the grass that is planted back is going to die. I will have to plug other spots where the damage is deep. I will overseed that and hope some of it comes back."

Lapage posted pictures to the Club's Facebook page and within hours it went viral with clubs from throughout Canada and the United States reaching out to support the club

Lapage:" I was surprised with the outpouring of people sending us messages that they are thinking of us and asking if there is anything they can do to help. Everyone is trying to figure out who did it. I think on Facebook we have had 3500 shares and I think it has reached over 300 thousand people."

Harris has been working at the club since 1999 and has never seen something like this happen to the club before

Harris:" I have never seen anything like this before. We have been lucky to that point I guess and hopefully I never see this happen again."

The Club called the RCMP who is investigating the vandalism and Lapage says that anyone with information on the incident can either call the RCMP in Woodstock or the Club

Lapage:" Hopefully someone heard something or maybe somebody bragged about it. We are hoping someone comes forward and helps us find out who did it."