Vikings focusing on consistency

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CARIBOU, Me (WAGM) - The young Caribou boys team finished with four wins last season. They have already hit that mark this year and are further up in the standings thanks to some wins against some good Class C teams.

"Absolutely, Fort Kent is going to be worth a ton of points and they're going to win a ton of games. Houlton is going to win a ton of games, and our Big East schedule is going to give us plenty of points," said head coach Chris Casavant.

Young players gained valuable experience last season and feel like they have stepped their game up.

"I think we're playing well and doing a lot better. We just have to push ourselves every day and things will happen," said junior Austin Findlen.

"I think they're starting to understand defensive philosophies and defensive movements. We're starting to understand offensively that we need to be aggressive and get ourselves to the free throw line," Casavant said.

Caribou is hoping to play at a fast pace this year.

"Transition, we get up and down the floor pretty quick and at times when we play hard on defense we can do pretty well," Findlen explained.

"Getting up and down the floor definitely. Playing with more pace and less turnovers than last year," said sophomore Parker Deprey.

A close loss to MDI, who won the state championship last year, gave the team some confidence that they could play with the best of the best.

"I think that's one of those things that we're eventually looking to win those games and I think that will happen in time you just got to have patience," Casavant said.

Caribou now is focusing on being consistent to take the team to the next level.

"We're playing up and down. We've played well at times and not so well at times. I think that's kind of to be expected because we're still pretty young. I think that experience takes away the up and down a little bit more. I think we're where we need to be right now," Casavant said.