Vikings looking for more than just prelim berth

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CARIBOU, Me (WAGM) - The Caribou girls team has doubled their win total from a season ago. The Vikings senior class is hoping this is the year they break through to Bangor.

"We've never really done that well in past years. So it feels good to win more games than we have been," said senior Searra Herbert.

"Every year we're fighting for the 11th spot for a prelim game. This year I think we want a bye right into tournament earlier," added senior Gabrielle Marquis.

Kayla Richards is the new coach for the Vikings and this is her first varsity job. She says the hard work the team has put into this season has them close to one of their big goals.

"Ever since day one it's been our goal to make it to Bangor. All of these girls haven't made it there yet. You can tell they really want to get there and they've been working their hardest. To be in a position to make it there it's great for the kids," Richards said.

The team got a big boost this season with a win over a perennial power.

"MDI is a really good team so it was good to beat them. After that we feel like we can beat any other team," Herbert said.

Senior Searra Herbert has missed a lot of time over her career due to injurires is happy to be back and healthy this season.

"I know I'm just happy to be out there playing. It's been a struggle getting through rehab and stuff so it feels good to be playing," she explained.

When the Vikings are playing at their best, they have balance on both sides of the ball.

"When Searra and I are working well together and our post our doing really well and we have a good defensive game that's what counts. We've been working a lot on intensity in practice for our defense and offense pushing it. That's when we do our best," Marquis said.

"We're all over the place defensively and the intensity. Offensively we have multiple people who can score, so when we're at our best we're tough to stop on the offensive side," Richards said.

Richards is hoping that offensive balance will come in handy in the biggest games.

"If they're going to play a triangle and two and try to stop our two guards, I've got two inside players who are going to step up and be able to score. That works both ways and is definitely a big help," she explained.