WAGM will Live Stream High School basketball

WAGM will be video streaming live basketball games on our website this season. Bryan Lawrence and Jim Carter who have web streamed on Aroostook on Line in the past will be coordinating our on line coverage. Lawrence is WAGM's Promotional and Digital Coordinator and is excited to be able to continue to offer video streaming to our audience.
Bryan Lawrence):" I am very excited because first off I didn't plan on doing game this season. I decided to discontinue the stream and move onto other things. When the opportunity came to work at WAGM I was very excited to learn they wanted to stream the games.

(Jim Carter):" Really excited about that this year. We have been in it for about eight years and having WAGM on board with us or us with them is great because it gives us promotional facilities as well and will increase our viewing audience."

Basketball is still a huge sport in the wintertime and live streaming games to our website gives people who might live in other parts of the Country a chance to keep up with their local schools.

Lawrence:" The games will be streamed on the WAGM Website and people can go there to find the link and it will take them to page where they can watch the stream and also see the schedule."

Carter has been involved in sports throughout his career. He coached the Caribou Vikings, has been writing about the history of sports in the County and is has been broadcasting basketball for over a decade

Carter:" I started doing color with Kevin Sjoberg at Time Warner in 2006 and then in 2010 started doing radio at WEGP and worked with them and Bryan came along the last two years and then we went to video streaming and from that point on we have been video streaming ever since."

Lawrence:" Really excited to be working with Jim Carter because he is very knowledgeable about the game. He is also knows the history of the sport because of the research he has done. He adds a lot to the game by being able to interject information throughout the game from history to other aspects of the sport."