Wardens ask Deer hunters to respect Landowners

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The deer season begins tomorrow and with the very heavy rains earlier this week the Maine Warden Service would like remind hunters to be careful when driving on field roads.
Dan Menard:"The biggest concern we are going to have this weekend is protection of landowner's property. People up here like to hunt in fields and drive on field roads. Just be cautious even if the land is not posted. Damage to field roads because of the three plus inches of rain can result in posting land. We have already had landowners contact us and ask us to look out for their fields. Some farmers are going to temporarily post it until it dries up a little bit."

Menard says the best thing to do is ask for landowners permission for hunting and also to respect the land. He also wants to remind people about a number to call if you know of illegal hunting or fishing activity.

Menard:" We have the anti poaching hotline Operation Game Thief 1 800 ALERT US. If you hear or see any violations concerning Maine's wildlife report them to us. It gives us another set of eyes and we can really use the assistance this time of year. It is going to be a very busy deer season and the deer are showing up in good bunches. We look forward to a safe year."