Washburn girls are Bangor Bound

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 10:07 AM EST
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There is only one phrase to be used when describing the season for the Washburn Lady Beavers...Overcoming adversity.

Daveson Perez has the story.

(Emma Thompson):

"Pretty awesome. Me and my team have been working really hard together and just trying to get right up top."

That's Emma Thompson, the starting point guard for the Washburn Lady Beavers.

She has helped guide this team through great adversity this season.

At the start...the squad was short handed because of injury and illness which made it hard for them to get ready for games.

(Raegyn Chavez): "It was hard. We couldn't really do anything besides work on individual things."

But in the face of adversity these girls knew how to overcome.

(Jon Poisson): "They have that little attitude that helps them push through difficult situations and they use that to their advantage most of the time."

At 9-9...this squad has shown improvement... winning one more game than last year.

They have been much better on defense but Coach Poisson believes they still need to work on offense as the playoffs near.

(Poisson): "Make sure we button up our offense. We've had some low scoring games. Just want to be able to work inside out and do the things we need to do to put some points on the board."

The tournament will be a tough task for the Lady Beavers... but this team has had plenty of challenges this season...what's one more?

Daveson Perez News Source Sports.

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