Wayne Quint still going strong at 81

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Hodgodn Athletic Director Wayne Quint is still going strong at 81 years of age. Quint has worked in Education since 1959 and there is one major reason he is still going strong.

(Wayne Quint):"It keeps me young I believe. I love the kids. Night time is a good time to watch basketball and it is very exciting."

Quint walks through the Hodgdon School with fond memories of his time as a student there. He got his first job in New Hampshire in 1959 and then moved to Houlton where he taught until 1999. After he retired from teaching he remained as Houlton Athletic Director before returning to his Alma Mater seven years ago.

Quint:"I graduated here in 1955 and went away for four years. Like everybody else they said you better leave and we found out we were spending most of our time coming back to visit our parents so we moved back. I am very happy to be back in Hodgdon. I love Hodgdon."

Quint has his own chair in the gym. It was an 80th birthday gift from the coaching staff.

Quint:"It says fit for a king or big mouth. That is how they rate me I guess. As a king or a big mouth? I don't know which. I like to talk. I am not very good at interviews, but I love to talk."

Quint does has one obstacle. It is called the computer.

(Andrea Nightingale):" Let me tell you about his computer skills. I just holler Andrea. If he loses something look out we have to find it .Every morning Andrea what is going on."

Quint loves watching the athletes in action from soccer to basketball to baseball and softball. He is a familiar face there to greet spectators and cheer on the youngsters.

Quint:" Little kids Jr High kids the whole deal. "

He is still going strong at 81 and when asked about retirement .

Quint:"Somebody will tell me when it is time. It will be a health thing with me or my wife."

Quint says even though it is now a part time job he is still at school most days just to be around the staff and students.

Quint:" I like to have lunch with the kids. I see them we talk all the time. We talk after games and before games. That is what makes life wonderful is the kids."