We've Got You Covered (Bridge): The East Coast Junior Championships

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HARTLAND, New Brunswick (WAGM) - Everyone has that friend who is the first one to the party and the last to leave.Loves a party. That was winter this year. Early to arrive, late to leave, and as a result a lot of golf courses in Northern Maine and New Brunswick had slow starts to the season. Some courses still have 18 temporary greens.

However, Covered Bridge in Hartland, they had no choice but to put their noses to the grindstone and get after to it to get ready for a busy summer.

"Well, when we opened in the spring, the course was probably in the worst shape it's been as far as the greens in the last 20 years," Covered Bridge Club Professional Wade LaPage said.

He and the grounds crew got right to work

"The grounds crew kind of worked daylight to dark every day seeding all 18 greens to get back in shape," Lapage said. "We knew we had two major tournaments this year and we had another major tournament thrown on the schedule."

Three major tournaments, two of them run by Golf New Brunswick. They started to panic when they realized some of the courses wouldn't be ready but:

"Covered Bridge stepped up in a second, which is quite amazing not many golf courses would take on three major tournaments," Golf NB Technical Director Bari Gourley said. "But knowing that they were going to host the national championship they've put so much work in and it's in great shape."

It's also an advantage for the New Brunswick golfers, who get to see the course three times this summer.

"It's like a nice course to play, it's uh you know, one of the nicer course in New Brunswick," Waterville native Sarah Holt said. "It's really nice to have something like this in New Brunswick."

Holt got out on the course yesterday and she liked what she saw from Covered Bridge.

"It showed me it was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be there's a few shots out there that I didn't think I could make and I could definitely make," Holt said. "The green play is going to be quite different for me I just feel like the greens are really nice here now I just gotta get used to the roll and the release of them as well."

This is a significant tournament for Holt, it marks the beginning of her final season as a junior. She's been battling a bad back injury, which cost her nearly all of last year.

"It's been pretty tough, just because it's been two years, my golf game has just fell down since then," Holt said. "I made some swing adjustments that makes my back feel better so I'm hoping can come back this year."

Regardless of what number she jots down on the scorecard, she has one goal in mind.

"The goal is to pretty much have fun, it's my last year and I just wanna really soak it in and really enjoy it just enjoy my last year being a junior."