Wheeler talks about Boston Marathon

Published: Apr. 20, 2020 at 5:56 PM EDT
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This is Patriot's Day and a normal year would have had an 11 am start for the Boston Red Sox and thousands of runners making their way from Hopkinton to Boston competing in the 124th Boston Marathon. Several people from this area were registered to run the event. Gabby and Curtis Wheeler were planning on running their first Boston. They were disappointed, but understood the decision.

Gabrielle Wheeler:" I think it was a good idea that they did cancel it because there's tens of thousands of people that do it and to have everybody there congregating during this viral outbreak would not have been a good thing so I am actually thankful they decided to cancel it."

The Boston Marathon brings together over 30 thousand runners and has been a Patriots' Day tradition. Wheeler said it was strange to wake up today and not be able to watch the marathon on tv

Wheeler:" I look forward to that because you see all the professional runners that are doing it. I love watching the marathon and love the endurance sports and watching it because it is so interesting to me.

The couple have had success in many road races over the years. in 2018, Curtis won the Caribou marathon and Gabby won the women's division of the half marathon. Several races that the Wheelers normally run in have been cancelled for this year so that changes training and plans for peaking for certain events.

Wheeler:" You kind of get used to being resilient and your build up didn't go the way you wanted. If I would get to tired and have to sit out. You kind of just learn to be more resilient and think positively for the next time and learn to train better."

The couple continue to stay active as they look to stay in shape for later this year.

Wheeler:" It is just good to get outside and enjoy being out in the fresh air and doing what we did before. Even though there might be the competitions we are used to it is still important and brings a lot of happiness and joy to doing the things that you love."