Wildcat Cheerleaders happy to return to States

Published: Feb. 7, 2019 at 6:15 PM EST
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The Presque Isle Cheerleaders will be competing in the State Championship on Saturday. The Wildcats are excited to be back in the States after not qualifying last year.

(Kelsie Spooner:" I think it kind of lit a fire under the girls butts a little bit to work hard this year and push to get back to the States. We had gone for 10 years straight and one year we had skipped so they wanted to get back there pretty bad ."

(Emma Kohlbacher:" It felt pretty great. It was amazing. It was one of the best feelings I have had in my life."

The Wildcats have just one senor on the team. Emma Kohlbacher says this year's team is young, but they work very hard.

Kohlbacher:" I think the different is our work ethic and how in practices we always push ourselves. We never gave up and even though there were rough practices we just kept pushing ourselves"

Presque Isle won the Aroostook League title earlier this year and had strong performances in the Big East and Regional Championships. The Wildcats and all of the teams had to adjust to a new scoring system.

Kohlbacher:" It wasn't to bad it was a little rough, but we were able to adjust.

Spooner:" Most of the scoring now has to do with tumbling and that takes a lot of work on the girls part outside of cheering. They come to practice and they have to learn a routine learn to jump learn how to stunt and on their free time they have to take tumbling classes and learn how to do backflips and backtucks and back handsprings in order to get us the points that we need."

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