Wildcats Alpine Ski team is young

Published: Jan. 1, 2020 at 9:54 AM EST
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The Presque Isle Alpine Ski team has a new coach, but he is no stranger to skiing and the Wildcats program. Eric Hendrickson, who has coached the team in the past, is back as coach this year.

(Eric Hendrickson):" I have no preconceived notion of what they have done in the past so I started out with the way I thought was the right way and the kids have come around to it all of them are showing some improvement."

The Wildcats have ten members on the ski team this year. Some are brand new and others have been competing for a few years

(Izabelle Higgins):" I think we are doing pretty good. We have a lot of returners who are more used to the conditions."

(Riley Roderick):"I have improved over the past four years because when I came into High School I had never skied gates before. It has gotten better over the past four years so this year I am really looking at going to States and then being top 15 so I can go further on and race more."

Hendrickson:" Many of the kids are new so the goal is to see them improve. I have seen improvement in some of them already. Others are near first time skiers. They are pretty fearless and showing some great improvement."

The skiers are in great shape this season because before Bigrock opened for the year Hendrickson still had the team on skis

Hendrickson:" As soon as snow came the mountain wasn't open, but it is better to ski gates so we came down and hiked. We could do eight or nine runs and that was a good practice."

It has been a little frustrating for the skiers in the County. There was a solid base and then the rains came and washed much of the snow away, but Hendrickson says the team has kept a great attitude and that we are still fortunate in this area.

Hendrickson:" Fortunate that we have any snow to ski on because if you head south you will find there is no snow at all."

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