Wildcats hockey team looking for another successful year

The Presque Isle hockey team is looking for another very successful season. The Wildcats made it to the Northern Regional Final last year the team peaked late in the year and went on a great run in the playoffs. Coach Carl Flynn thinks the team won't be able to sneak up on people this year, but he is looking for another very successful season.
(Carl Flynn):"Last year I don't think people expected us to go as far in the playoffs as we did. Within the locker room we knew we had it in us and could do it, but I think we shocked some people. This year we didn't lose many significant personnel and I think we will be back in that championship again unless something unforeseen happens. Quite honestly I think it will be a repeat of us and Old Town Orono."

The Wildcats have a very strong group of players back who can find the back of the net, but they also feel the defense will be very strong also

Flynn:" In addition to that we have seven capable and strong defensemen. I can't say we have had that in the 14 years I have coached this team."

(Andre Daigle):" Defense is always helping out. The best part is the communication between us and our defense. We talk to each other on the ice."

Flynn says the key to his team's success will be depth

Flynn:" Wearing teams down will be our key this year. We have three lines that I feel confident throwing on the ice against any line in the State. Most schools are going to have one or two lines. I think by the third period teams are going to be pretty worn down."

(Jake Stevens):" Wearing teams down also scoring and defense is a big part of it."

The team is very hungry after tasting the success last year.

Stevens:" We did a lot of summer games this year and kids working out so it should help."

Daigle:" I think it has a good outlook with a good defense and forwards."

Flynn:" A lot of summer hockey in the Bangor area. They did a great job. The other thing that helped the kids with experience was the State Soccer Championship last fall. We had a few hockey players who were soccer players and they know that it takes to win and hopefully that will get us to the next level."