Wildcats hockey team looking for success

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The Presque Isle Wildcats hockey team is hoping for a successful year. The Wildcats have just four seniors on the team and coach Carl Flynn says that he has high hopes for this years team.

(Carl Flynn):" Carl Flynn:" I think compared to most teams in the league we will be younger than they are. We have some high expectations we have some really skilled underclassmen. We have some kids who gained some exposure because we had small benches over the last couple of years. I think we are expecting big things and that teams in the league are expecting big things from us as well

The Wildcats will also have the luxury of having a full roster this year and that will keep players sharp as they battle for playing time in practice.

Flynn:"We have a big bench this year we have more kids than we can dress for games. That allows us to have some competition in practice to see who is dressing for the next game."

Over the last couple of years Flynn says they told the players at times to concentrate on defense on some shifts so they were not using all their energy and running out of gas in the third period.

Flynn:"It is a totally different mindset this year. Go get it because when you come back to the bench you have a minute or minute and a half you can rest before going out again. "

Junior Torey Levesque is one of the teams captains and he says that communication between players will be a huge key.

(Torey Levesque):"It is keeping everything positive. That first game it is just one game we got 17 more game this season it is all going to be good."

Flynn feels that even though they have a few players who will score the majority of the goals but there will be several others who will also find the back of the net.

Flynn:"It's a team effort we have a lot of supporting players who feed the puck and get garbage goals and muck it up in the corners. It is going to be a team effort and we are going to play three lines this year which we have not been able to do in a number of years."