Williams finishes third in Most Valuable Coaching contest

Today was the day that US Cellular named the three Most Valuable Coach Award winners. Sarah Williams of Hodgon was in third place after the public voting.
The final step in the process was worth 50 percent of the total as Maya Moore and Randall Cobb weighed in on their choices. At one o'clock this afternoon the top three winners would be listed on the Most Valuable Coach website. I was there as Sarah Williams and her kindergarten class waited for the winners to be announced

Nat sound: Be good sports right. Are you ready? I don't know if it is there yet, but I am going to hit refresh. There is the first place winner. Yayyyy cool third place. Third place that is pretty cool.

(Sarah Williams:" It felt really good. There was relief and it felt really good the way the community has supported me. My class is so excited so it was really great to see how excited everyone is for this."

Williams was honored last month at an assembly at the High School for being one of the top 15 finalist. At that time a 5 thousand dollar check was presented to the school. Throughout this process she has said it is not about her it is about helping her community.

Williams:" There is no personal benefit. This is everybody and it is so much fun to have our community rally for something positive.Thanks to Allie Winship that started this whole thing by submitting the nomination thinking that nothing would come of it, hoping that something would and here we are at third place. Thank you to everyone."

Williams will once again be honored at the school on Monday November 26th as US Cellular will be in town to present a 10 thousand dollar check to the District.

Williams:" It's going to be an exciting time too where the community can celebrate because it about the area not about me."

The County and other parts of New England rallied around Williams each and every day as they logged in and voted for her. She said the way the area came together is very humbling

Williams:" It is a very humbling. This is nothing I ever expected. I have never been in this position. It has been a very humbling experience. It has been great.

nat sound don't knock me over. Good job