Wisdom boys low on numbers, but looking for success

The Wisdom Pioneers boys basketball team has had a tough start to the season. They have lost five of their first six, but two of the losses were to Class C Fort Kent.
Coach Nate Boynton says he wants his team to take something away from each game
(Nate Boynton):" There is something to learn in every situation. Against Fort Kent that is the best team we will face all season. You take a look at them and how they move the ball. The close games I tell them feel the hurt take the bad stuff but don't let it impact your season."

The Pioneers are short on numbers they have suited just seven or eight players up for many of the games this year. Mason Sirois and Tyler Hanlin are the only two seniors on the team. They say they are working hard in practice and know that with a short bench they will need to be in shape and they have learned a lot during the first part of the season.

(Mason Sirois):" We have to be in shape work together and slow down. Play our game.

(Tyler Hanlin):" A good young team hoping we don't have to play a prelim, but we will take it."

The Pioneers are looking for a run to the playoffs this year. They don't have a lot of Class D teams on their schedule, but everyone of them is important

Sirois:" Games against Class D teams are almost must win if we want a trip to Bangor.

Boynton:"A real confidence boost such a young team. Just a shot at a prelim for this group of kids would boost their motivation for down the road."

Boynton says he is seeing improvement and to help with numbers some eighth graders are joining the team for the rest of the year.

Boynton:" The most cohesive group I have seen. If anyone can put it together it is this group right here."