Wisdom girls overcome low numbers

The Wisdom girls basketball team is very low in numbers and has no seniors on the team, but they are in great shape to earn a trip to Bangor and the Northern Regional Tournament.
(Emma Chamberland):" There is a lot of chemistry together.

(Savanna Hanlin):" I think we have done really good working as a team.

The team has been able to overcome the adversity of low numbers and inexperience

Hanlin:" We are really low on numbers so we struggle not having subs.

(Scott Pelletier):" It is a young team and there are ups and downs. We get a good performance and the next game is not as good."

Pelletier says one of the things that he loves about this team is their enthusiasm and willingness to work hard.

Pelletier:" They stay in the gym. They are committed to the game.

Everybody is committed. We are all ready to work."

:Right now are working on fundamentals. If we make it to the playoffs we are going to show them what we have got.

The Pioneers are 8-6 on the season that is two more wins then they had all of last year. and are currently in fourth place in Class D. The top seven teams earn a bye to Bangor. Pelletier says the team has a few things they will need to work on to have success at the Cross Insurance Center

Pelletier.:"We are going to have to continue to improve and rebound .We have given up a lot of rebounds and will have to get better at that. We are building a good team and a good program and whatever we do we will build on for next year."