World Pond Hockey Tournament

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 10:46 PM EST
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The World Pond Hockey tournament is BACK for it's 19th season.

Teams from all over come to play in this tournament year after year.

And with blustering winds and sub-zero temps this afternoon I couldn't help but ask them why?

(GanFrancois Daigle): The atmosphere. Look at this place. It's like we're kids again. Everybody's joyful everybody has a good time. You don't need to be good at hockey you just need to come and have fun.

(Charles Egan) It's 5 days of hockey. What more could you want?

20 rinks...114 teams from all across the world... competing in a 4 on 4 round robin with 8,000 or more fans on hand to witness... all weekend long.

(Denis Beauliu): It's pretty nice seeing teams from all over the world and just everybody getting along and meeting new people. It's pretty nice.

(Mylene Beauliu): I don't play hockey I just come to watch. I find it pretty nice having a bunch of games happening at the same time.You can just walk around and see 20 different games.

(Daveson Perez): And for the athletes competing in the tournament this weekend, either you are in it for the fun or you are in it to win it all. Regardless one thing is certain, THIS is hockey heaven.

(Egan): This is absolutely hockey heaven. 100's of people coming from all over the world get to meet people from everywhere. See their styles of play.

(Beauliu): If it's not hockey heaven it's pretty close.It's really amazing here.

(Wes Corey): You know it's minus 26 out there right now do you see anybody complaining? Their working their butts off

And the most important thing? All of the proceeds from the event go right to where it belongs.

(Corey): Endless hours from the volunteers for months to make this happen so we can't stress the volunteers enough and what this event does is give so much back to the community.

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