Young Pioneers: Wisdom Girls Basketball

Published: Jan. 18, 2019 at 11:41 PM EST
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The Wisdom Pioneers could be one of the youngest teams in Class D. The Pioners have just eight players on the team and four of them are eighth graders. The team is making giant steps every time out.

"It's been an interesting year because I find they are developing fast. They are willing to learn so that makes it easy," head coach Derek Grivois said.

The team has one senior one junior two sophomores and four eighth graders. Coach Grivois says the team is showing great chemistry. He said the eighth graders are still adjusting to playing Varsity Basketball

"I think they are handing it well. They struggle and they kind of get down on themselves which is expected," Grivois said. "Eighth graders versus Seniors who have been playing for four years. It is tough for them, but they are taking it well."

Alyssa Banville is the only senior on the team and she is their veteran leader. Banville has missed time the past two years because of knee injuries, but she is having a solid season this year and would like to contend for a post season bid

"Hopefully we can have a playoff run. My freshmen year we went to Bangor and since then it has been a little rocky, but I am hoping to get back in the playoffs," Banville said.

Sophomore Emma Chamberland and Banville feel the team is showing a lot of potential.

"We are a young team so we are going to have a lot of potential in the coming years. We are going to work hard together and develop all together," Chamberland said.