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Diagnosis key to treating pain

Medical Monday 02.11.19

Medical Monday 02.04.19

Medical Monday 01.28.19

Medical Monday 01.21.19

Medical Monday 01.14.19

Medical Monday 01.07.19

Medical Monday 12.24.18

Medical Monday 12.17.18

The holiday season is ramping up and for some, so is the stress

Emergency room staff warn people of the dangers that come with this time of year

Lifestyle changes can reduce risk of diabetes

Treatment center that specializes in rural opioid issues will be opening in Houlton

High heating costs make winter stressful for many

A program for improving stroke care finds success at local hospital

Patients seeking dental care at Pines Dental will now be treated by an award-winning dentist.

Therapy dogs make big difference at a local hospital

Local healthcare providers says there's a new way to screen for breast cancer

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