Why Vaccinating Your Pets is Important

Open house at PAWS a busy day

77 dogs and puppies came to Maine over the weekend to be adopted

Pet Profiles September 5, 2018

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Pet Profiles

Pet Profiles

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Dog Training Tips with Taylor: Boosting your dog's confidence

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Dog Training Tips with Taylor: Rolling Over

Pet Profiles 07.18.2017

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Posted: 04/19/2019 - The Caribou boys tennis team returns some of the squad's top players and they are looking forward to the season.

Posted: 04/19/2019 - Youngsters from four Recreation Departments took part in a tournament today.

Posted: 04/18/2019 - The Caribou girls tennis team graduated the majority of the starters from last years team, but they are looking forward to another good season.

Updated: 04/18/2019 - UMFK is in the first year of their program and they're doing quite well. What makes their success even more remarkable? They don't have any traditional track facilities.

Posted: 04/16/2019 - What's the old saying? When the adults are away, the kids will play? Well in Caribou this week they amended that statement.