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The people of Aroostook County once again came together to support those in need

Family that received donations from last year's telethon says 'thank you'

Help with housing can mean a fresh start for those in The County

Telethon funds will assist people with more than just heating

New program through Maine State Housing to install heat pumps for some

Telethon funding to not only go towards heating but housing assistance as well

Operation 24 was a success! And donations are still coming in

Dixie Shaw tells us her story of how her humble start led to feeding the hungry

Some people not only receive help from a pantry, but also help out at the pantry

Operation 24 featuring our last two pantries for the telethon

Feed the county is a year round operation

Operation 24 featuring St. Joseph Food Pantry and St. Charles Food Pantry

Catholic Charities Maine helps lots of people, by supplying 24 County pantries

How pantries help the community

Operation 24 presents G.I.F.T. Food Table and U.V.E.C. Food pantry

Operation 24 featuring New Sweden food pantry and the Orient food pantry

Pantry operators speak about how the additional food will help

Pantries speak about some of the needs their communities have

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