Talent War a Reality Within the Final Mile Logistics Space, Admits Transgistics Talent

Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 4:14 PM EDT

ORLANDO, Fla., June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- With the supply chain worldwide disrupted by geo-political events on top of the pandemic, having top talent in place for transportation and logistics has become even more critical than ever.

James P. Tolan, Managing Partner, Transgistics Talent
James P. Tolan, Managing Partner, Transgistics Talent(PRNewswire)

This has placed strong demands on the already low number of quality candidates that are actually available to navigate these stormy waters.

According to James Tolan, Managing Partner of Transgistics Talent Acquisition (transgisticstalent.com), an executive search firm dedicated to providing executives from middle management to the C-Suite to Transportation & Logistics across the country, "Competition for top talent is fierce; you could say we are experiencing a talent war. We have never seen such a strain on the number of really qualified candidates in the past, as factors that have impacted heavily include the 'Great Resignation', private equity roll ups and consolidation, compensation plan competition, combined with record inflationary pressure on profit points in the industry."

"We are currently in a growth phase for expanding our search capabilities to also include a strong team to place middle management to complement the A-list of C-suite execs we have typically been retained to deliver," Tolan says.

Very few industries have not been impacted by the ripple effect of cargo and ground transportation capabilities, brought on by obvious global events. This has led company boards to think more strategically when seeking the right management team to not just ride out the storm, but to power through it. Some estimate it could be 36 to 48 months to return to pre-pandemic norms.

Tolan reports that initially the talent crunch was really only in the final mile / home delivery space, but it has since broadened to the whole of transportation and logistics to include 3PL, Contract Logistics, TL and LTL and more.

"Many of our legacy clients have tapped us to strengthen their key leaders throughout the organization through our retained search services, but the talent market is changing. The days of one-sided interviews are over, with most top candidates fielding multiple offers from direct competitors at the same time," added Tolan. "The companies that will win the talent war will do so with a superior people culture, competitive comp plans and a clear path for growth and upward mobility."

Transgistics Talent Acquisition provides talent-driven market intel to their clients through carefully researched trends in the market.

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