Take to the sky with wind power education from Northern Maine Community College!


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As the world continues to seek out alternative energy methods to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, Northern Maine Community College is proud to offer a curriculum in one of the rapidly emerging fields of energy: wind power!

NMCC’s Wind Power Technology program offers training in the electrical, electronic, and mechanical aspects of the wind power industry, with a focus on wind turbine maintenance and electrical power production.

It is our hope through the program that graduates find employment opportunities with wind farm operators, turbine manufacturers, and contractors providing maintenance and turbine support both locally and globally.

Students will take a broad-based curriculum of classes to prepare them for the wind power workforce. Once the 36 credit hour classes are complete, students will be ready for work in an in-demand industry with room to grow!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, wind power has the potential to provide up to 20 percent of the country’s power needs by 2030, meaning you’ll be entering a field with plenty of job availability in the next decade.

Jobs like these are also becoming lucrative. According to Recruiter.com, entry level positions in wind power can start you off just over $56,000 in annual salary with room to grow into more lucrative opportunities. Imagine getting a job in a few years paying you over $100,000!

But perhaps one of the best fringe benefits of a career in wind energy is a greater sense of adventure. Jobs in this field can take you from coast to coast! One year you may be in the farm fields of Iowa working on wind turbines and moving the next year to the East Coast to help with a new project near a beach locale. Anything is possible.

To learn more, visit NMCC.edu and sign up!