Foster families enjoy a day on the slopes at Big Rock

Foster families enjoy a day on the slopes at Big Rock

Aroostook County foster families hit the slopes at BigRock Saturday, enjoying a day of fun, despite the cold. Kathy McCarty spoke with Chuck Moody of Community Health and Counseling about the event.

With very pleasant temps on Saturday, people enjoyed the Island Falls Derby Days

With the very pleasant temps on Saturday, people got out and about, and some folks checked out the Island Falls Derby Days. Megan Cole has the story.

Presque Isle Fire Department, says it's important to have all doors accessible

Everyone can get out of their house in the summertime, all you have to do is open the door. But can you do the same right now, with all of the snow we've had? Dylan Cyr, of the Presque Isle Fire Department, says it's important to have all exterior doors accessible. That way, in an emergency, people can get out and crews can get in.

Fort Fairfield hosts successful community closet

Gently used, as well as new clothing items were available at the Fort Fairfield Housing Authority. Nearly 75 people came in to shop for their children. The event allows parents to pick out clothing free of charge.

AM Chat with Shawn Cunningham: Laniece Sirois

On this edition of AM Chat, we talk with the new Executive Director of the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce.

Aroostook Agency on Aging is reminding folks to check on their elderly neighbors

This time of year can be difficult for elderly folks, especially those who live alone. There is a friendly visitor program in place, but the agency says you don't need to be part of the program to check in on those in need.

Who will serve as Washburn's superintendent is still up for discussion.

Ryan Rackliffe, chair of the Washburn School Board, says no firm decision has been made yet, but school officials are working to come up with a solution that best serves the citizens and communities served by SAD 45.


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