EMA director says river levels didn't reach projected heights

EMA director says river levels didn't reach projected heights

Emergency management director Darren Woods says we "dodged a bullet" - as major flooding on County rivers is no longer in the cards We spoke with him first thing this morning at the boat landing in Presque Isle, which shows the Aroostook River spilling out into the parking area. Woods says the river levels didn't reach the heights they were projecting, due to cooler temps. That said, We continue to have some minor flooding and a number of roads remain closed as a result. We have a list of those roads on our website.

Organizations collect clothes for those in need

Two groups hosted an event on Saturday, with the singular goal of helping those in need. Kathy McCarty was there and has more on who was involved and what took place.

Some were better prepared than others at FK Firemen's Muster

Firefighters donned waterproof gear to take part in the annual Fireman's Muster. The event was hosted by the Fort Kent Fire Department. The Fire Chief says this year was a particularly special year for the department, which turned 100. The anniversary coincided with Fort Kent's 150th anniversary. Firefighters took part in the town's parade, before heading off to take part in the muster.

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower to happen overnight

Keep your eyes to the sky, as the annual Perseid (Purr-see-id) Meteor Shower will peak overnight. The planetarium director of the Francis Malcolm Science Center says it's always worth looking up when there's a meteor shower, since you never know if you might be lucky and see a spectacular one!


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