Walk to End Alzheimer's Hosted in Fort Kent

Alzheimer’s is a disease that slowly destroys the memory function of the brain. The Alzheimer Association went to Fort Kent on Saturday to bring awareness. News source eight reporter Megan Cole traveled to Fort Kent and has more on how a special garden is helping to bring people together in the fight against the disease.

County wreath makers have been busy for the last few weeks

Wreath makers in the County have been busy for the last few weeks and say this year has been a good one. Farm manager Gloria Goughan of Goughan's Berry Farm says wreath season starts for her family the first week in November. They've been in the wreath making business for a quarter-century They've made more than 800 wreaths, using between 4500 and 5000 pounds of brush. Goughan's uses balsam fir for their wreaths, along with some cedar and pine.

Event shows Victorian Christmas traditions

People were able to venture back in time for a Victorian Christmas at the Mall over the weekend. They created Victorian Ornaments and learned about Victorian Christmases, while sampling Figgie pudding and Sugar plums. Displays ranged from Traditional Victorian Attire to a model car and carriage. Kim Smith organized the event and wanted to show people from the area that while many things change, many remain the same.

Gathering on the Fort Bridge in Caribou to honor those lost at Pearl Harbor

The ceremony was held right on the bridge, with the waters of the Aroostook river below representing the ocean, in which many perished during the attack. People arrived early, and the commander of the Post 15 Henry B Pratt Jr. American legion is thankful to those who braved the cold.

Proposed project at Loring Air Force base to create jobs

A proposed project at Loring could result in the creation of both jobs and educational opportunities. Kathy McCarty has more on the exciting possibilities.

local woman wanted to do more to aid those who struggle this time of year

Nola Farley, of Mapleton, says she was traveling on Route 1 south of Presque Isle recently, when she passed a woman clutching a teddy bear and a rolled up blanket. Farley notified police, who told her the woman was one of the local homeless known to officers. The sight tugged at her heart, leading Farley to spearhead the collection of hats, mittens and other items, to donate to those in need, through an effort she calls "Keeping the Community Warm".

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well here in Aroostook County

The spirit of Christmas is alive and well here in Aroostook County...as one kind soul has given a most generous gift to a woman in Caribou. Carla Godin had more than 300 dollars worth of layaway items to pay for at the Presque Isle Walmart this week. The items were Christmas gifts for her daughter and her grandson. She recieved a call from a Walmart representative on Tuesday, letting her know that her purchase had been paid for. Godin says upon hearing this news, she was both stunned and thrilled. She told us she wishes she could hug the person who showed her such kindness.


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