AM Chat with Shawn Cunningham: Yellow Breen

AM Chat with Shawn Cunningham: Yellow Breen

On this edition of AM Chat, Yellow Breen from the Maine Development Foundation guests to talk politics and social issues for the state of Maine with a new Maine Governor set to take office.

To celebrate their 175th anniversary, S.W. Collins gave back

SW Collins in Presque Isle helped out three local organizations last week- all part of the company's 175th anniversary, which they're celebrating by giving back. The company is donating 20 thousand dollars to local causes throughout the year in each of the five communities where their stores exist. The stores in Fort Kent, Caribou, Presque Isle, Houlton, and Lincoln will each have one thousand dollars to distribute per quarter to three community causes. For the first quarter, the Presque Isle store was contributing to the Washburn Rotary Club, Homeless Services of Aroostook, and the Frontier Heritage Association. Larry Harrison of the Washburn Rotary Club is excited for this funding- as it's going to go towards bringing the American Veterans Traveling Tribute wall to Washburn this summer.

EMA director says river levels didn't reach projected heights

Emergency management director Darren Woods says we "dodged a bullet" - as major flooding on County rivers is no longer in the cards We spoke with him first thing this morning at the boat landing in Presque Isle, which shows the Aroostook River spilling out into the parking area. Woods says the river levels didn't reach the heights they were projecting, due to cooler temps. That said, We continue to have some minor flooding and a number of roads remain closed as a result. We have a list of those roads on our website.


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