Town of Easton adds new LED streetlights throughout the community

Town of Easton adds new LED streetlights throughout the community

The town of Easton has a BRIGHT IDEA! They're adding new LED streetlights throughout the community. Town Manager Jim Gardner says there are 34 streetlights in town that are being retrofitted for the LEDs, and there will be 22 new LED lights in other areas of town, including near roads often used by Amish horse and buggies. Gardner says the new lighting will provide increased safety, and significant savings.

Officials comment on recovery for those suffering from addiction

Solving the drug crisis won't happen overnight, but a unified effort can lead to positive results. NewsSource 8's Kathy McCarty spoke with officials on what's being done to bring about changes for those suffering from addiction.

Northern Lighthouse counselor comments on the dangers of vaping

Cigarette smoking rates have stopped falling among U.S. kids, and health officials say vaping may be to blame. Tracey Tarr, a substance abuse counselor with the Northern Lighthouse says the problem is being seen in this community.

A new bill would produce $1 coin in honor of George and Barbara Bush.

Senator Susan Collins was one of the original co-sponsors of the coin.

Nylander Museum in Caribou was recently overrun by dinosaurs...

The Nylander Museum of Natural History was overrun by dinosaurs recently. The event, called Dino Days, is designed to teach children of all ages about the prehistoric creatures. The center hosted a hands-on learning opportunity, with participants learning about various dinosaurs and what their lives were like. From clay creations to drawings, the event provided a creative way to learn.

With very pleasant temps on Saturday, people enjoyed the Island Falls Derby Days

With the very pleasant temps on Saturday, people got out and about, and some folks checked out the Island Falls Derby Days. Megan Cole has the story.

Presque Isle Fire Department, says it's important to have all doors accessible

Everyone can get out of their house in the summertime, all you have to do is open the door. But can you do the same right now, with all of the snow we've had? Dylan Cyr, of the Presque Isle Fire Department, says it's important to have all exterior doors accessible. That way, in an emergency, people can get out and crews can get in.


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