Town of Easton adds new LED streetlights throughout the community

The town of Easton has a BRIGHT IDEA! They're adding new LED streetlights throughout the community. Town Manager Jim Gardner says there are 34 streetlights in town that are being retrofitted for the LEDs, and there will be 22 new LED lights in other areas of town, including near roads often used by Amish horse and buggies. Gardner says the new lighting will provide increased safety, and significant savings.

Fort Kent Fire Department establishes fire prevention program

The Fort Kent Fire Department has established a fire prevention program which teaches area 2nd graders what's involved with being a firefighter. Captain Cole Pelletier says it's a way to teach children not to fear firefighters in full gear, by showing them, step-by-step, the various equipment and gear, along with what it's used for. Then, if an emergency arises, they'll have a better understanding of who the suited strangers are who are coming to the rescue!

Christmas tree fires are common for this time of year

Its the holidays eason and many people have their homes decorated with trees, wreaths, lights, garland and candles. While holiday decor can bring delight and joy to the season, local fire department officials say they can also be huge fire hazards. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments throughout the U.S. respond to an average of 170 house fires due to Christmas trees each year. These fires caused an average of 4 deaths, 15 injuries, and $12 million in direct property damage. But all this can be avoided with some precaution...

The rush to send packages to loved ones both near and far has started

The rush to send packages to loved ones both near and far has started and continues at local shipping centers. We talked with the owner of Goin' Postal in Presque Isle today. Tamia Glidden says she and her staff love this time of year...they especially love the stories behind every package shipped. As you can see the back room was full of packages this afternoon. She says things usually pick up around two weeks before Christmas and that's what happened this year.

Local businesses seeing spike from last minute Christmas shopping

Christmas is getting closer and closer- which means so is the deadline for your shopping. This is of course a busy time of year for local stores, so we checked in with a few of them to see how things are going. Here's News Source 8's Katie Zarrilli.

An event to raise money for recovery is happening this weekend.

A Christmas craft and vendor fair will take place at the Stone Ridge event center here in Presque Isle. A portion of the money will go towards detox kits and scholarships for a residential discipleship program for those battling addiction.


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